One of this season’s buzz phrases has to be ‘design thinking’: developing products and services with the needs of customers at the heart. Some may agree that B2C design thinking outpaces B2B delivery by far. Think of the last business application, service or product you used in your company. Was it easy?

Waqas Ahmed, Nixplay’s Senior Ecommerce Manager, explains how the company applied the same design thinking – and simplicity – of it’s well-loved Nixplay WiFi Cloud frames to it’s B2B digital signage solutions.

Video Source: Dealerscope, CE Week 2017


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awesome stuff!

AmandineSep 22, 2017

nice article

Mark PalfreemanSep 10, 2017

What an important topic that goes to the heart of what a good product company strives for. "Good product design" is easily spoken about and easy to get people to agree to, but quite a bit harder to have built into the DNA and culture of a company. The ability for the most senior company leaders to speak to the most junior team members in short hand relating to customer feedback relating to product design and development is a sign you might have it right.

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