Remember Minority Report?


Speak to anyone about digital signage or outdoor advertising and they’ll likely remember a few scenes from the sci-fi movie showing screens that recognise you and deliver personalised ads as you walk past.

Business utopia for advertisers. Perhaps nightmare for others. But without a doubt, some innovative technology at work.

Being in the digital signage business, we’re often approached by many SMBs who are looking for a technology solution – almost always focussed around some device of some description. A display. A screen. A touchscreen. A player. Some software. Things.

It’s a rare scenario that someone considers the content. And who is creating and managing that content.

Our take: it’s about the content. All about the content. Technology is simply the enabler.

You can have the best, fanciest, most Minority-Reportiest technology. But if you don’t have control over the content, you’ll be lost.

That’s why the ask for any new digital signage solution should always start with the question of content. Who can control the content on your screens? Who can create it? Who can optimise it? These are the questions that should be answered, first.

It’s why a key ingredient of our complete signage solution is the software: part content management system, if you like, that puts you in control of your messaging. Scheduling and displaying unique content across multiple screens – all from the comfort of your desk.

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Like the old adage of putting the cart before the horse. Think we can all agree that no matter how cool, how modern the cart is, it’s likely to work a lot better with the horse in front.

Put the content first. And the technology will do the rest.


About the Author

Ryan Ducie

Part strategist, part storyteller and part friendly idealist, I love getting the right digital content in front of the right person at the right time.


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