A goal for any company, no matter what industry , is to improve employee retention. That involves getting employees engaged with the work being done so that they play an active role in the company’s success rather than a passive one. From communicating changes at the company to enhance transparency or just providing workers with some fun quotes throughout the day, there are numerous benefits of digital signage in corporate communications. Invest in workplace digital signage to make employees more satisfied with everyday tasks. When your employees benefit, you benefit, too. 

Here are some effective methods for improving communications within your company building.

Convey Important Memos

Miscommunications is a big problem with employees not receiving updates or not knowing when changes are being implemented. Emails can get lost, but with digital signage for internal communication, you can run important memos on the displays in the building over the course of several days. Not only does this ensure everyone sees it, but it also adds more weight to the content being shared. Employees know this is important, and it ensures changes become implemented more quickly. Displays are also great for improving transparency. A company can post whether last quarter’s profits were up or down. Whether the news is good or bad, employees will feel like management actually trusts them with important information.

Praise Workers

A great way to improve employee retention is to make people feel valued when they do a good job. This can absolutely be done in private. A manager taking an employee aside to talk about how well he or she is doing is a fantastic way to boost employees’ self-esteem. However, public adoration is also beneficial. Digital employee communications can be used to post who has earned the title of “Employee of the Month” or other accolades your organization uses. In the event someone gets a promotion, then digital displays are great for communicating [link to: ] that to everyone. The employee who received the promotion gets public adoration while everyone else is now aware of something internal that happened within the organization.

Make Things Easier on Visitors

Workplace digital signage is great for people who visit the office but do not work there. Part of the signage should involve a map of the premises so that people can effortlessly locate where they need to go. This is also highly beneficial for new hires because they can use the maps to find where they need to walk to without feeling the need to ask simple questions to other employees. This is advantageous to manage employee training, and the displays can also play instructional videos for new hires, too.

Inform Employees of Internal Events Without the Waste

Part of retaining employees should involve offering incentives. This can include actions, such as having a group lunch day or promoting a company sports team. Instead of passing out physical papers informing people of try-outs or invitations, employers can simply use the displays to get the word out. This is a lot more efficient. It also ensures people remember the events. There is always the risk an employee will read something once but not remember what day and time an event is. By continuing to promote an internal event throughout the day, people are more likely to remember, attend and have a good time.

Strengthen Corporate Culture

An office should be more than a place where employees go, work for eight hours and then clock out at the end of the day. It should be a place they enjoy going, and that can involve adding personalized touches. For example, digital displays can be used to post inspirational quotes or videos every Monday. A company could also encourage employees to send in pictures of what they did during the weekend so that those can be displayed. It makes people feel like they actually have a presence in the organization. This increases the likelihood the workers will stick around for longer.

With so many benefits of digital signage in corporate communications, it makes sense for managers to start implementing them as quickly as they possibly can. Your employees are the most valuable investments you can make, and displays around the office keep everyone on the same page.


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