Schools face tough challenges each day and none can be quite so difficult to address as communication. Communicating with students, parents, faculty, and community members is an essential part of school operations. Simply sending flyers home with students is no longer sufficient; last-minute changes to plans may require rapid communication with parents. Community members should be kept informed about changing circumstances and in the event of an emergency, information will need to be spread with as much speed and accuracy as possible. These and other concerns have led to an increase of digital signage in schools. These easy-to-read signs can be instantly updated to reflect the latest information. They are affordable and can be integrated into a school’s existing communication systems with ease. These are just some of the reasons why schools are implementing digital signage today.

Digital Signs In Daily Use

Digital signs are easy to change and update, so they are ideal for communicating information that changes daily. Schools use digital signs to announce:

  • School assemblies
  • Lunch menus
  • Sporting events
  • Plays and other performances
  • Test days
  • Upcoming vacation days

A simple digital sign clearly displays information entered by users. Announcements made in the morning can be echoed on the signs throughout the day, providing helpful reminders to students and staff members. Additional signs can be placed at strategic locations throughout the school grounds to further disperse information.

Digital signs are easy to set up and can be integrated into a school’s existing communication system in very little time. Because there are no production or disposal costs associated with digital signs, they are great for budget-minded organizations; a one-time expense is all that is required for the initial purchase and placement of the signs.

Student work can also be showcased on digital signs. This is a great incentive for winning the art fair or other visually-appealing competition. Honor students, academic teams, and science clubs can be featured on digital signs throughout the school to foster healthy competition and to reward students for hard work. Sports highlights can also be added to the signs to stir up school spirit. Partner with school newspaper staff to collect great images of student activities.

Today’s students are more at ease with technology than any past generation. They respond seamlessly to digital communication and take note of information shared this way. This fact alone makes digital signage a worthwhile investment for many school districts.

Digital Signs Communicate With Parents And Guardians

Digital signs placed outdoors in a prominent location can be used to communicate with community members as well as with students and staff. These signs are ideal for making announcements of interest to the local community. This can include upcoming sporting events, school plays, cultural fairs, major test days, and school vacation days.

Registering for the new school year is something that parents have to think about each fall. Schools can easily share this information with parents by using an exterior digital sign. Announce the day, time, and location of school registration as well as any updates to this information that need sharing.

News regarding the weather also has to be shared with parents. Closure due to snow, rain, or other severe weather is not uncommon in many school districts and parents need to be kept aware of these changing circumstances. Local TV and radio coverage can take a surprisingly long time to reach parents; a faster and more authoritative form of information is required in these kinds of situations. Digital signage can be placed almost anywhere, and as such, is a good way to alert parents of upcoming events and school closures.

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Sharing the News With Members Of The Community

In most locations schools serve many purposes beyond just that of education. They are gathering places and typically host everything from elections to sporting events throughout the year. This makes schools important community institutions. Communicating with all members of the community can be a challenge. This is another area where digital signage is really helping schools do more.

School safety is a serious subject. Although all school administrators hope that no disaster ever occurs, it is better to be prepared for a problem before it occurs. Digital signs are clear and easy to read; this makes them ideal for sharing quick and accurate information with a crowd. Since schools often play a role in community disaster response, signage is naturally going to play a role in communication.

There are many ways in which digital signage in schools is the perfect solution to common concerns facing school administrators. Share information, keep parents informed, and involve the community with the help of effective signage.


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