Companies use digital signage to display messages, keep employees aligned with the company’s mission and vision, some graphs and charts here and there and to announce business wins and product information. But most of all, Digital Signage is a tool for happiness, yes, yes, it is!

A happy employee is a productive employee, here’s what to put on the big screen for all to see:

  1. Birthday Greetings! Because who doesn’t want to be greeted on their birthday?
  2. Announce work anniversaries.
  3. Perfect Attendance, it takes a lot of effort and discipline – inspire others to do the same.
  4. Recognize employees hard work.
  5. Reward their achievement, give them an increase! Or just put it on the display.
  6. Announce free snacks or catered lunches – yummy!
  7. Post special trivia about an employee, because bragging rights!
  8. Broadcast holidays and you will see their smiling faces every time they pass by the display.
  9. Post inspirational quotes or joke of the day.
  10. Deploy random group photos of employees or childhood photo.
  11. Heath tips: because you want them to be healthy.
  12. Create mini contest and announce the winner on the display.Got more ideas! Write us a comment.

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