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Digital Signage helps you find a new way to connect with your customer base, solidify your store’s brand and encourage impulse buys through the undeniable power of digital signage like Nixplay Signage. Contact us, if you want to see this power unleash by using Nixplay Digital Signage– which is so easy to use, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t adopt it in the first place.

Nixplay Signage- Contact Us Now!8 out of 10 customers come into stores because of the visuals and text they see on digital window signs.

If you’re a brick and mortar store, imagine how much that can increase your traffic? Contact us now to see how we can help.

With that increased traffic comes an increase in lines at checkout, though retailers love these lines because they show how many people are willing and ready to buy their products- customers don’t.

Many customers leave lines that are too long because waiting seems unbearable. Digital signage makes the wait more bearable by entertaining customers and even promoting upcoming sales! With Nixplay Digital Signage separate information can be created for individual display or groups of displays for example, possibility to add special offers on the displays located at the checkout and to display advertising videos in your shopping window. Keep the customer engaged, always.

If you’re still in two minds about whether you should contact us, let me tell you that there’s a 40% increase in the use of digital signage among retailers. All this, in just the past year. Seems like your competitors are taking on digital signage, what about you?


Nixplay Signage offers an all-in-one, simple signage solution consisting of digital displays in sizes ranging from 15.6 inches to 32 inches. To deploy Nixplay digital signage, a store would simply choose the number and sizes of displays they desire, along with an accompanying software subscription for each screen. When the business receives the displays, they simply unpack them and hang them in the desired location. They then power up and activate the displays, upload content and send that content to the displays.


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Download the white paper here: Nixplay Signage_Digital Signage for Retail_Rescuing 80% of the shoppers with digital signage


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