In this post we tell you how you can use digital signage in your gym!

Group schedule and availability

One of the hardest parts of managing a gym is the ever changing schedules. As personal training schedules, staff absence and seasonal events come and go. Publishing paper schedules every second week can be tedious and costly. Use digital signage to display these schedules instead. Of course, since your gym can get busy- make sure to let clients know which group classes are full and which ones are available(with the number of spots.) Another great way of using digital signage is by displaying group challenges. All of this can help gym members stay up to date with schedules and availability, help them interact with other members and increase the chances of prolonging their membership with you.

Personal Trainer information

Making sure that visitors and members know the details of personal trainers is important. You can feature their prior experience, the results they’ve given clients and their specialisations on digital signage. Make sure that everyone knows about the personal trainers in your gym and they get adequate coverage to build your business and revenue, use digital signage!

Waiting time for machines

Everyone knows this is a huge problem. It’s great that your gym is doing so well and it’s extremely crowded at peak hours, but it can be a real problem for your customers. Waiting too long for machines can leave customers frustrated and upset, especially after a long day at work. Digital signage can help you manage resources and expectations during peak hours!

Business Hours

Some gyms are open 24×7, others are open for a couple of hours a day and closed on Sundays. As a business owner, it’s often hard to let everyone know what the timings are. Especially, around special events and during unpredictable weather periods. In these cases, business hours displayed on digital signage around the gym are your best bet to let everyone know!


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